The Unexpected Gift


Thornbill’s trio of indigenous bush flavours celebrates not only the characteristics of the Australian landscape but more importantly its cultural history. The fresh citrus aspect of lemon myrtle, the earthy coffee notes of wattleseed and the tang of the Davidson plum showcase these unique bush foods. Sustainably harvested from farmed sources, these ingredients draw life from arid regions, lush rainforests and those seasoned in salt-infused coastlines that are famed throughout the world.

  • 43g roasted and ground wattleseed. 
  • 20g dried and finely milled lemon myrtle. 
  • 36g freeze-dried Davidson plum powder. 

Product of Australia

As part of our goal to minimise waste we have designed our beautiful gift box in a way that enables it to be used long after the foods have been enjoyed. The inner mould can be easily removed leaving the box ready to be filled with other treasures thus giving it a second life.